Safety Committee

If you are interested in Citizens’ Patrol or Neighborhood Watch, please take a few minutes to review the pointers provided to us by the SLMPD. We’ve added the information in green. If you have any questions or would like to join either of these sub-committees, please email us at watch the Events page to see our when our next Safety meeting will be!

Citizens’ Patrol and Neighborhood Watch Pointers


Here is a link to a Neighborhood Watch Sign Request Form. The form allows for request of multiple signs, so ask your neighbors if they would like a sign too. You can submit your request in two ways:

1) Fill out the form I’ve provided and mail it in to:

St. Louis Street Department
1900 Hampton Ave.
St. Louis, Mo. 63139
Att: Kim Coleman Or

2) Email Kim Coleman directly at

Make sure in your email to include what hundred block you would like the sign(s) and in front of what specific address or addresses you want them posted.


St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

A Guide to Being a Vigilant Citizen

SLHNA Safety Committee Files