Christmas Lighting Awards

Thanks to ALL of St. Louis Hills for decorating. It’s a lot of work, time and effort to make your displays and you all deserve to be winners. Each year we pick 12 of the best decorated houses. We have a new lighting award this year, the “Best Decorated Street Island Award.” A special thanks to our volunteer judges, with so much to see, judging is extremely difficult! Also an effort is made to spread the love to give everyone the credit deserved. Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone that helps to make St. Louis Hills look so festive this time of the year.

2014 Christmas Lighting Awards

Thank You Volunteer Judges!

  • Bill and Linda Immer
  • John and Marci Kuehner
  • Shelby Kuehner
  • Alex and Katie Immer & Cooper-woof!
  • Kim Phelps

Home Winners

  • 5941 Crane Circle – George and Ann Kerry
  • 5809 Delor – Larry and Donna McEvoy
  • 6328 Devonshire – Tom and Jane Bene
  • 6751 Eichelberger St. – Kevin D. and Lise Broccard
  • 6000 Guilford – Matt and Terri Borowiak
  • 6546 Itaska – Jim and Peggy Crowe, Jr.
  • 6550 Itaska – Andy and Judy Banker
  • 6359 Murdoch – Bill and Joan Burnes
  • 4730 Prague – John and Agnes Boul
  • 4924 Tamm – Joseph and Elizabeth Evola

Apartment Winners

  • 6673 Devonshire, Apt. A – Susan Hunter
  • 6673 Devonshire – Virginia Hunter

Street Island Award

  • Westway/Donovan Island Award

Block Awards

  • Candy Cane Lane
  • Angel Avenue
  • Snowflake Street

Check out the winners of year’s past below.

Award Winners: 20132012, 2011

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