Francis Park is bounded by Nottingham Avenue on the north, Eichelberger Street on the south, Tamm Avenue to the east, and Donovan Avenue on the west. It includes 60.30 acres of land, basically situated at the north central area of St. Louis Hills. Mr. David Rowland Francis made a gift of this park to the City of St. Louis in 1917.

Funds made available in 1935 enabled improvement of the park by the Work Progress Administration (WPA) workers during and after the depression. They built the athletic fields, tennis courts, shelter house, walkways, picnic grounds and landscaping.  On July 7, 2010 the Francis Park Strategic Plan was adopted by the City of St. Louis Planning Commission. Friends of Francis Park is a 501(c)3 charity, organized by St. Louis Hills residents with a mission to preserve, improve, support and promote Francis Park.  The St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association sponsors three special events in Francis Park each year: Run for The Hills, SLHNA Easter Egg Hunt & Christmas Tree Lighting.  Francine the Mermaid, new resident of the Francis Park Lily Pond, was unveiled on July 23, 2002. Inspired by the People Project statues, Ann Layton worked with artist Robin Murez to make Francine a beautiful reality for Francis Park. Financially, Francine was made possible through the generosity of 26 St. Louis Hills donors.

Francis Park features include: 2 comfort stations, 2 handball courts, 1 lily pond, 1 playground, 2 racquetball courts, 1 each soccer and softball field, and 8 tennis courts.

Additional info: Friends of Francis Parkwikipedia, foursquare


Willmore Park is bounded by Hampton Avenue on the south, a residential area on the north, Jamieson Avenue to the east, and the River des Peres on the west. It is the last major park to be developed in the City of St. Louis, created in 1947. St. Louis Hills Developer Cyrus Crane Willmore (1889-1949) donated 70 of the park’s 105 acres to the city.

Funds from the 1955 Bond Issue developed the park as it is today. Capitol Improvement monies were used after the Great Flood of 1993 to reclaim some of the park overtaken by backwater from the River des Peres and lake overflow.

Willmore Park features include: Lake #1 (5 acres of stocked water), Lake #2 (3 acres of stocked water), 2 baseball fields, 1 bike trail, 3 comfort stations, 4 corkball backstops, 2 playgrounds, 5 picnic shelters, 2 soccer fields (1 lighted), 4 softball fields (2 lighted), and 4 lighted tennis courts.

Additional info: foursquare