Lawn & Garden Awards

SLHNA Lawn and Garden_HomeSt. Louis Hills is known for its slate and tile roofs, great architecture, red sidewalks and its tidy, well-kept yards. To encourage top notch lawns and landscaping, the annual Lawn and Garden Awards will recognize the best of the best in our neighborhood. These awards help to create a sense of pride in our neighborhood, block and your home. It also helps in keeping house values going up, which is great for everyone.

We will once again have the backyard award. Backyard awards are self-nominated with the understanding that our judges will be coming into your yard at various times to judge. To be nominated for either award, you also must be a member of the St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association. If you are not a member be sure to sign up today and keep our neighborhood strong and vibrant.

The best kept block will also be recognized. The block award will take into consideration the block as a whole. So be sure to encourage your neighbors to participate in keeping your block and neighborhood looking its best.

Winners will receive a customized plaque for their home and will have a temporary yard sign placed in their front yard recognizing their home as being one of the best landscaped homes in our wonderful neighborhood.

You can help with this great tradition by joining our committee and becoming a judge. Being a judge is easy and a great way to meet your neighbors. If you are interested, please email or call me today! Sean McCaffrey 314-494-2259 or

Award Winners: 2016, 2015, 20132012