We Need Your Photos for SLHNA Site

The Prince of Nottingham in Francis ParkThe SLHNA website is evolving into a responsive site to function on your hand held devices. We need recent photos of neighborhood scenes, events, and everyday living to use as banner photos and to freshen up the slide show. If you have any horizontal (landscape) photos that you are willing to share without payment or individual credit, please send them to Kathleen W. Herring at kwherring@sbcglobal.net.

Please do not send photos featuring closeups of people unless you have their written permission to do so. Currently there are three rotating header photos shot with an iPhone. These can work if you send the largest file size. On the iPhone that is called Actual Size. If you have several photos place them in a folder and zip it before sending. Please put “SLHNA Photos” in your subject line. Provide your name as you want it to appear on the site and we will include a list of those who contributed new photos.

This is your chance to be a part of the website! Thanks for your help.

2014 Christmas Lighting Awards

Candy Cane Lane 2014 During the Christmas season St. Louis Hills provides twinkling lights, festive character, cheerful tunes and some of the merriest lighting displays in all of Saint Louis. Navigating from one magnificent block to the next is like traveling through a winter wonderland. Our neighborhood is a truly special place enjoyed by our neighbors, as well as guests traveling from miles around to see the amazing lights and festivities. Thanks to ALL of St. Louis Hills for decorating. See the list of winners!