History Committee
The SLHNA History Committee works to make sure that the great history of St. Louis Hills is not only preserved, but made available for the residents of St. Louis Hills (and others) to enjoy forever.

One ongoing objective of the Committee is to collect and preserve historical magazines documents, and artifacts. A list of these items is on the History page of the website. In addition, all of these items are stored in a locked room in the Gabriel House (formerly the St. Gabriel Convent).

Please visit the History page on our website or contact Rick Palank for more information.

Streets & Property Committee
The primary purpose of the Streets & Property Committee is to encourage each and every property owner (residential, apartment, and business) in St. Louis Hills to take pride in ownership, and maintain their property to the highest standards. This will ensure the long term viability of St. Louis, as well as maintain high property values throughout St. Louis Hills.

Please feel free to contact Rick Palank with questions, complaints, or inquiries.

The Streets and Property Committee members are:

  • Linda Behrmann
  • Mike Erdmann
  • Don Orf
  • Rick Palank (
  • Linda Ruzicka
  • Maggie Simpson
  • Nancy Vordtriede

Marketing Committee
The SLHNA Marketing Committee’s mission is to increase the awareness of St. Louis Hills as a stable, vibrant, and safe neighborhood in which to live and conduct business.

The Marketing Committee’s activities include providing a Welcome Bag (with various gifts and coupons) to new home owners; developing brochures that promote St. Louis Hills; work with the House Tour Committee to increase the awareness and demand for apartments, condos, and single-family residences; and building resident interest – and involvement – in the many activities sponsored by the Association.

The Marketing Committee is looking for a few additional members to join those listed below. Please contact Rick Palank if you are interested.

House Tour Committee
Every two years, the St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association sponsors a House Tour. The primary purpose of the Tour is to increase the awareness of St. Louis Hills as a great place to live, whether it be in a beautiful home, condo, or apartment.

The next House Tour will be on Sunday, October 14, 2018. Anyone interested in putting their home, condo, or apartment on the tour should contact Rick Palank.

  • Nina Chastain
  • Kathy Fellin
  • Rick Palank (
  • Joan Sharkey
  • Carol Wilson

Safety Committee
Business Security – We work with local businesses to ensure their security is deterring theft and contributing to neighborhood safety.

Citizens’ Patrol – Actively patrol the neighborhood using personal vehicles and report suspicious / criminal activity.

Crime & Safety Education – Create and distribute crime and safety information helpful to the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Impact Statements – Communicate to judges the negative impact of specific neighborhood crimes.

Neighborhood Watch – Revitalize the block captain program and promote reporting of suspicious activity.

Security Cameras – Support fundraising and implementation of surveillance cameras in and around the neighborhood. Contact Us To Volunteer!

Co-Chairs Janice Starbuck and Tom Scheifler

Click Here for more information from the Safety Committee