2013 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the three SLHNA Scholarship winners for 2013. They are Dominick Gherardini and Marty Stelzer, both from St. Gabriel the Archangel School and Kathleen Magee from St. Raphael the Archangel School. Dominick and Marty are headed to St. Louis U. High and Kathleen will attend Cor Jesu Academy. These students were chosen for the $600 scholarship based on a recent report card, academic honors, extracurricular activities, community service, a letter of recommendation, and an essay. Congratulations to all the students who applied for the scholarship. It was a difficult decision as there were many fine students vying for the scholarship and we could only award three of them.

You can read more about the scholarship program here.

2012 Christmas Lighting Awards

St. Louis Hills is the place to be if you want to be full of Christmas cheer!  Friends from near and far cruised around the neighborhood to admire the amazing sights and sounds of homes and streets decorated for Christmas.  St. Louis Hills is known for dazzling Christmas light displays, and this year was no exception.  Congratulations to those that were recognized as winners of a home or block lighting award!  Selecting winners amongst all the great displays is no easy task, so a special thank you also goes out to all our neighbors that made nominations and voted for this year’s winners.

Christmas Lighting Award Winners

  • The Riter Home                              6519 Delor Street
  • The Schaper & Phillips Home    6201 Devonshire Avenue
  • The Lattanzi Home                       6210 Devonshire Avenue
  • The Drain Home                            6446 Devonshire Avenue
  • The Divis Home                             5901 Highfield Road
  • The Richars Home                        6215 Itaska Street
  • The Roeder Home                          6245 Itaska Street
  • The Chitwood Home                     5930 Jamieson Avenue
  • The Pendleton Home                    5001 McCausland Avenue
  • The Lofstedt Home                        5874 Walsh Street
  • The Steffens Home                             62 Willmore Road

Block Winners

  • 4700 Prague
  • 6500 Murdoch
  • 6400 Rhodes

2011 Christmas Lighting Awards

During the Christmas season Saint Louis Hills provides twinkling lights, festive characters, cheerful tunes and some of the merriest lighting displays in all of Saint Louis.  Navigating from one magnificent block to the next is like traveling through a winter wonderland.  Our neighborhood is a truly special place enjoyed by our neighbors as well as guests traveling from miles around to see the amazing lights and festivities.  The SLHNA had the help of several members who volunteered to judge for the best of the best displays.  A special thanks to all of our volunteers who had the hard job of determining which homes and blocks were the winners of the Christmas Lighting Awards for 2011.  Congratulations to all of our winners!

Thank You Volunteer Judges!

  • Kerri & Rick Bonasch;
  • Judith Hanses
  • Sandie Hea
  • Cara & Nick Kellmeyer
  • Alison Kuhlmann
  • Barbara Liebman
  • Brooke & Kurt Richars
  • Diane Riley
  • Angie Schnell
  • Courtney & Josh Tiemann
  • Paula Wilson

Home Winners

  • 6311 Devonshire Ave – Jim & Kelli Uxa
  • 6729 Devonshire Ave – Jason & Jessi Kippenberger
  • 5405 Donovan Ave – Nick & Patti Funk
  • 5820 Itaska St – Joe & Linda Pecaut
  • 6521 Loran Ave – Linda Ruzicka
  • 6531 Loran Ave – Tim & Sheryl Dangos
  • 6231 Murdoch Ave – Dave & Cara Christanell
  • 6560 Neosho St – Mark & Linda Smith
  • 4721 Prague Ave – Steve & Pat Wilson
  • 3 Willmore Rd – Frank & Beth Ann Murphy
  • 78 Willmore Rd – Paul & Joanie Sharkey

Apartment Winners

  • 6677 Devonshire Ave – Cindi Underwood & Maxine Lauer
  • 6441 Nottingham Ave – Paul & Jane Christman

Block Winners

  • 6500 Loran
  • 6500 Murdoch
  • 6500 Neosho
  • 4700 Prague
  • 6200 Walsh
  • 6700 Walsh